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Biological and Medical Art Belgium (BIOMAB) at the University of Antwerp, 12-13 October 2018



The Annual Conference offers an exciting lineup of programs, presenters and workshops. Conference participants will have the opportunity to meet and make friends with other illustrators from all over the world. In many ways the Conference is like an “annual reunion”.

Join us at #AEIMS18 in Antwerp – packed full of spotlight and educational sessions, social networking events and workshops focused on Surgical and Dissection Skills. More news and registration forms will be published on the AEIMS and BIOMAB Websites within a couple of weeks. So keep a close eye on our websites!


29 Nov 2018

The body through anatomical illustration - Le infografiche di Mirco Tangherlini per il "Corriere

International science & Engineering Visualition Challenge

CALL FOR ENTRIES Entry Deadline: September 28, 2012 The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the

Anatomie d'une image

Anatomie d'une image Anatomy of an Image EXPOSITION - EXHIBITION 21st May - 6th July 2012 École

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